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The first was a hertz tone from a cooling tower at the local DaimlerChrysler casting plant and the second was a hertz tone from an air compressor intake at the Haynes International plant. Two hums have been linked to mechanical sources. After CalPortland replaced the silencers on the machine, reports of the hum ceased. One hum in Myrtle Beach , South Carolina was suspected of originating at a Santee Cooper substation almost 2 miles away from the home of a couple who first reported it.

The substation is home to the largest transformer in the state.

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One local couple sued the power company for the disruption the hum was causing them. The volume of the hum was measured at up to A suggested diagnosis of tinnitus , a self-reported disturbance of the auditory system, is used by some physicians in response to complaints about the Hum. While the Hum is hypothesized by some to be a form of low frequency tinnitus [7] such as the venous hum , some report it is not internal, being worse inside their homes than outside.

However, others insist that it is equally bad indoors and outdoors. Some people notice the Hum only at home, while others hear it everywhere they go.

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Some sufferers report that it is made worse by soundproofing e. Tinnitus is known to be exacerbated by allergens, which are regional and seasonal. Due to blockages, inflammation, and pressure inside the head, taking allergy medicine may help to mitigate the Hum. Human ears generate their own noises, called spontaneous otoacoustic emissions SOAE.

Researchers who looked at the Taos Hum considered otoacoustic emissions as a possibility. One of the possible causes of the West Seattle Hum considered was that it was related to the midshipman fish , also known as a toadfish. In the West Seattle case, the University of Washington researcher determined that it would be impossible for any resonating hum, transmitted via tanker or boat hulls, to be transmitted very far inland; certainly not far enough to account for the reports.

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The Scottish Association for Marine Science hypothesised that the nocturnal humming sound heard in Hythe, Hampshire in the UK could be produced by a similar "sonic" fish. A case of "hum" in a house, reported in the Daily Telegraph 's 'Letters from Readers' on 18 January , proved to be a wasps ' nest in a hollow wall. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Hum disambiguation.

The Windsor-Essex County Hum. Retrieved March 26, Mail Online. Retrieved 22 June Acoustical Society of America. Autumn Other suspected sources include high-pressure gas lines, electrical power lines and wireless communication devices. But only in a few cases has a Hum been linked to a mechanical or electrical source.

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There's some speculation that the Hum could be the result of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, audible only to some people. And there are verified cases in which individuals have particular sensitivities to signals outside the normal range of human hearing. Medical experts are quick to point out that tinnitus the perception of sound when no external noise is present is a likely cause, but repeated testing has found that many hearers have normal hearing and no occurrences of tinnitus.

Environmental factors have also been blamed, including seismic activity such as microseisms — very faint, low-frequency earth tremors that can be generated by the action of ocean waves. Other hypotheses, including military experiments and submarine communications, have yet to bear any fruit.

For now, hearers of the Hum have to resort to white-noise machines and other devices to reduce or eliminate the annoying noise. Leventhall, who recommends that some hearers turn to cognitive-behavioral therapy to relieve the symptoms caused by the Hum, isn't confident that the puzzle will be solved anytime soon. Original article on LiveScience.

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Science News. It creeps in slowly in the dark of night, and once inside, it almost never goes away. Marc Lallanilla. Topics , Science News.

What is the mysterious 'global Hum' – and is it simply noise pollution?

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